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Kentucky Coffeetree

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The Kentucky Coffeetree (Gymnocladus dioicus) is a tall deciduous tree known for its unique characteristics and ornamental value. It can reach heights of 60 to 75 feet and has a spread of about 40 to 50 feet. The tree features a broad, rounded canopy and an upright, spreading form. The Kentucky Coffeetree is especially appreciated for its attractive foliage, consisting of large, compound leaves that provide a delicate and airy appearance. In the summer, the tree produces small greenish-white flowers, which give way to intriguing seed pods that resemble coffee beans. These pods persist throughout the winter, adding visual interest to the tree. The Kentucky Coffeetree is adaptable to various soil types and can tolerate urban environments. It prefers full sun exposure for optimal growth and is known for its drought tolerance once established. With its striking appearance and ability to thrive in different conditions, the Kentucky Coffeetree is a remarkable choice for landscaping projects, providing shade and beauty to outdoor spaces.

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